How to Convert MKV to MOV with 2024 Desktop and Online Tools

Despite its algorithm to store video, audio, image, and other data, MKV is not supported by many platforms. This could be a challenging task, especially if you don’t know if the output format you choose will preserve the original quality. But with that in mind, many reports suggest 將 MKV 轉換為 MOV to maintain the quality and make the video compatible with Apple devices. Here are some recommended tools for an effective conversion.


Part 1. 2 Easy Methods to Convert MKV to MOV on the Desktop

It is delicate to convert MKV to MOV. So, this part will show professional solutions that guarantee excellent conversion results.


支持的操作系統: 在Windows,Mac

The tool is not lacking when it comes to high-quality conversion. Aiseesoft視頻轉換大師 is a desktop converter for MKV to MOV on Windows and Mac. It facilitates an AI converter that enhances the video quality, even after conversion. If you need a video editor, this tool has a built-in one, allowing you to split, merge, trim, and beautify the overall visual. You can also look forward to its navigation, as it provides a clean interface for beginners and pros. The Video Converter Ultimate is free to try on Windows and Mac and has abundant free functions.




  • Convert multiple MKVs to MOV without losing quality.
  • Configure a new format, frame rate, bitrate, resolution, etc.
  • No file size and upload videos at a fast speed.
  • Offer more dedicated features for compressing, merging, and editing.

安全100% 安全。無廣告。


安全100% 安全。無廣告。

Download and install the Video Converter Ultimate on Windows and Mac. Then, launch the software. Click the 添加文件 button to upload the MKV file from the folder. Add another video file for a batch conversion.
Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate 下載 添加
訪問 格式 menu on the right side of the uploaded video. Proceed to the Video section and select the output format. For the advanced settings, click the 自訂設定檔 from one of the default quality options to reveal the dialog box. Here, configure the overall profile, bitrate, sample rate, etc.
Aiseesoft 格式自訂設定檔
Before proceeding to convert MKV to MOV, make sure to choose a new folder location from the Save To menu. Once done, click the Convert All button and wait for a while until the process is done.
Aiseesoft Convert All MKV to MOV

VLC Media Player

支持的操作系統: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux.

VLC is a media player that supports various platforms. But one of its hidden gems is a converter for MKV to MOV. At first glance, the tool looks intimidating. But once you learn how to convert on VLC, you will find it easy to navigate. Moreover, it has presets for video editing, allowing you to change the video and audio codec without complexity. However, VLC is a free and open-source program. While it receives frequent updates, it glitches randomly. So make sure to be aware of them or use another alternative.

Download VLC on the official website, then run it on your device. Go to the Media menu and choose the 轉換/保存 option. From the dialog box, click the 加入 button to upload the file you want to convert.
From the Profile dropdown list, choose the MOV format. Then, click the Browse button from the Destination File menu to select a location. Then, click the Start button to convert MKV to MOV.
VLC Media PLayer Profile Start

If you are unsure which desktop tool to download, here is a quick comparison between VLC and Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate:

競品對比 弗爾奇 Aiseesoft視頻轉換大師
輸出分辨率 720p 1080p 和 4K
幀速率 Requires plug-in 高達60 FPS
視頻編輯 基本版 Provide more than 15 tools
支持平台 Windows, Macm Linx, Android 在Windows,Mac

Part 2. 4 Online Free Ways to Change MKV to MOV

Online solutions are referred to as the best methods with easy access. Check the following recommendations to convert MKV to MOV online.

Aiseesoft 免費在線視頻轉換器

The online version of the video converter focuses on converting videos effortlessly. Unlike other solutions, 免費在線視頻轉換 shows a clean website UI without any ads to maintain a smooth workflow. It also supports popular video formats with configurable settings for the encoder, frame rate, and others.

點擊 上傳文件 button or drop the file to the website.
Aiseesoft 免費影片轉換器線上上傳文件
Choose the new format, encoder, resolution, and other settings from the right panel. Click the 播放 按鈕預覽視頻。
Aiseesoft 免費視訊轉換器線上編輯設定檔設置
點擊 節省 button and allow the online tool to process it for a moment. Then, download the converted MOV file to your computer.
Aiseesoft 免費影片轉換器線上儲存下載


For another online tool recommendation, FreeConvert is the second best for converting MKV to MOV. It has fewer ads on the main website, along with optional settings to edit the video codec, screen size, etc. Furthermore, it allows you to upload MKV files with a maximum size of 1 GB.

Upload the MKV file to the FreeConvert website. Alternatively, choose a new source to upload the video from Dropbox or Drive.
FreeConvert MKV to Converter Add File
Go to the advanced settings section to change the output profile. Then click the button to change the format to MOV.


CloudConvert is one of the most popular online converters for MKV to MOV. Aside from its wide range of supported formats, it also has video editing tools to change the fit, CRF, codec, and other settings. If you are uploading a big file, CloudConvert can give you more free allocation by signing up.

Import the MKV file to CloudConvert’s website. Click the 添加更多文件 button to add another file.
CloudConvert Add File MKV to MOV
Edit the video with the editing options. Then, click the 按鈕將MKV轉換為MOV。

VEED is a flexible website that provides an MKV to MOV converter. It is trusted by many users, along with other platforms like Facebook and Pinterest. It is accessible most of the time, but larger file sizes and advanced editing are only available after subscribing to its premium version.

點擊 Choose MKV Files button and upload the video you want to convert.
VEED Choose MKV File
VEED will provide you with basic functions for editing. Preview the video, then click the 按鈕開始轉換。

Part 3. FAQs about MKV to MOV

What is the best MKV to MOV converter in Windows?

In terms of excellent results, it is recommended to use Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate on Windows and Mac. It has all the features you need, especially for a fast-speed process, quality, and user experience.

What is the biggest difference between MKV and MOV?

MKV is uncompressed and presents high-quality output. However, it is not widely popular with devices, not as much as MOV.

Does MOV have a smaller file size than MKV?

MKV and MOV are file containers that do not determine the file size. Depending on the video and audio codecs used, an MKV文件 can be larger or smaller than MOV and vice versa.


Converting MKV to MOV can be an easier task with the help of the recommended tools. Surprisingly, more solutions convert videos with excellent video quality. But if you wish to manage the conversion outcome, you must try Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate or Free Video Converter Online. These solutions are powered by AI technology, so they improve or preserve the video quality even after intensive conversion. Try them today for free.


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